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ICBP Online Tools

ICPB SURVMARK-2 is committed to fostering an expanded dissemination and data-sharing scheme to benefit all stakeholders by providing tools for data access and communication via innovative web-platform technology:

  • Staging tool

  • The staging tool will use existing frameworks and will be designed to maximize the availability of TNM staging criteria in order to facilitate standardization and improve the comparability of cancer staging data internationally. The tool determines TNM stage based on basic information on extent of disease entered by the user in a controlled fashion. It will be free to use and publicly available.

  • Online analysis

  • An online platform has been developed in order to provide timely and comprehensive survival indicators to allow maximal use of the data for research, policy making, and clinical practice.
    The platform provides a range of data visualization options for exploring the current differences in cancer survival, incidence, and mortality rates, including trends over the past 30 years for 8 cancer sites in 21 jurisdictions. To have access to the ICBP SURVMARK-2 data and charts online tool click here.