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ICBP Expertise Transfer

As part of the ICBP SURVMARK-2 project, several mechanisms will be implemented to encourage expertise transfer.

  • Expertise transfer fellowships

Expertise transfer fellowships will provide a funded mechanism to enable junior and senior researchers to join the collaborative project of ICPB SURVMARK-2 and gain relevant skills and expertise. The ICPB SURVMARK-2 Central Team will advertise opportunities for ICPB SURVMARK-2 Working Group members and staff under their supervision, to undertake additional analyses locally at IARC within the framework of an expertise transfer fellowship. Applications will be reviewed by the ICPB SURVMARK-2 Central Team and confirmed by the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership (ICBP) programme board. The number of fellowships is limited by the available funding.

  • Access to data for research on survival benchmarking

Collaborations with researchers having their own fellowships or other funding for a research visit are also welcome. Participation in both schemes is subject to strict confidentiality policies. Beneficiaries of any expertise transfer scheme must follow the general IARC rules and sign a confidentiality agreement covering data use.

  • International summits for researcher and policy-makers

Outputs of the ICPB SURVMARK-2 project and their impact will be highlighted during international summits and conferences in order to exchange information with interested researchers and policy-makers.