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ICBP Expertise Transfer

As part of the ICBP SURVMARK-2 project, several mechanisms will be implemented to encourage expertise transfer.

  • Expertise transfer fellowships

The ICBP and SURVMARK-2 are committed to fostering an expanded data sharing scheme to benefit all stakeholders. As part of this ambition to expand the use of the comprehensive database on survival, incidence and mortality, funds for expertise transfer are available that will allow external researchers to visit IARC, based in Lyon, France, to undertake additional analyses within the framework of the expertise transfer scheme. This scheme provides a funded mechanism to enable junior and senior researchers within and outside of the ICBP partner countries to collaborate and gain relevant skills and expertise. More information here.

In order to apply, please complete the relevant form and send it together with your CV to Deadline for application is 5:00pm Monday 3 December 2018 (GMT). Depending on the number and quality of applications received there may be further calls for additional applicants next year.

  • Access to data for research on survival benchmarking

Collaborations with researchers having their own fellowships or other funding for a research visit are also welcome. Participation in both schemes is subject to strict confidentiality policies. Beneficiaries of any expertise transfer scheme must follow the general IARC rules and sign a confidentiality agreement covering data use.

  • International summits for researcher and policy-makers

Outputs of the ICPB SURVMARK-2 project and their impact will be highlighted during international summits and conferences in order to exchange information with interested researchers and policy-makers.